Episode 071 :: Group Date!

We're talking about The Bachelor (Season 23, Episodes Nine and Ten)

Welcome to another Bros Before Rose: Group Date episode! (Every Friday as we respond to your emails and reviews, get to know you a little better and decide which of you will get our rose.)

If you're listening to this Friday morning, Matt and Stacy are having new babies RIGHT NOW!!! In this episode, we discuss the Bachelor-themed names they won't be using, explore theories about Cassie and her search for fame, learn about the history of Virginia (why not?) and decide that WE are now influencing ABC and The Bachelor itself! (What?!?!?) Come on in... it's time for the best Group Date you'll ever experience. (Until next week!)

We're continuing our "Planes, Train and Automobiles Dollar Drive" to get Abby P to our Train meetup in June! (Just send us a buck on Venmo @brosbeforerose!) 

All this and oh so much more on this episode of Bros Before Rose! 

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