Glossary of Terms

Like any group of people, we’ve found our way into some inside jokes over the years. But, don’t worry… we want YOU to be IN on the jokes too! So, this Glossary of Terms will get you up to speed on why we’re always talking about how castles are sexy and how much we love Train! Dive in and, if you have any suggestions for additions to the glossary, let us know!

Abbie P.

An original “Fan of the Week” from our first season who became a delightful addition to our team. She is our Resident Fact Finder, though other listeners are constantly trying to take her job. She is the unofficial fifth layer in our cake. Abbie P. resides in Indiana and, for some reason, is particular about the spelling of her name.


She was originally our Intern. Then we hired her as a Social Media Assistant. Then she quit to go work somewhere else only to quickly recognize the error in her ways and return to us. Now she manages the Bros social media accounts for Rogue Creatives and creates all the awesome content you see there including gems like this and this. We’re big fans, but don’t tell her!


During most seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, there comes one episode where the titular character sends five or more contestants home. When this happens, we label this person “The Assassin of…” (wherever they happen to be). Examples: “Nick Viall: The Assassin of St. Thomas,” “Rachel Lindsay: Scandinavian Assassin,” and “Colton Underwood: The Assassin of South East Asia.”

Bachman Family

Includes Jeff and Shara as well as their son Jackson and daughters Isabella (Bella) and Charlotte.


The cool name for both the Bachman home in Irvine (where we often record) and for Shara’s amazing business, Bachmanville Photography. You should for sure check out her work. She shoots babies non-homicidally!

Barnes Family

Includes Matt and Stacy as well as their first set of twins McCoy Kobayashi and Violet Maru and their second set of twins, Poppy Sky and Weldon (“Wells”) Walker! (

“The Birdhouse”

The not-as-cool name for Matt and Stacy’s house where we often record in Newport Beach, CA. (It’s cuz the name of the street is a bird name. But there are lots of bird named streets in Newport so don’t think you can go stalking them or something.)

“Blurry Face Disorder”
aka- “BFD”

Throughout The Bachelor franchise, you’ll come across pour souls who are suffering from an all-too-real disorder which causes their faces to be pixelated. This is BFD and it is tragic. Shockingly, BFD isn’t limited to humans. Signs, brand names and license plates have also been known to be plagued by this excruciating and undignified disease. All who suffer from BFD are in our prayers… and our jokes.

“C-Dog Harry”

Bachelor host, Chris Harrison once liked a tweet of ours, so OBVIOUSLY we’re now best friends and OBVIOUSLY best friends have nicknames for each other. This is ours for him.


(noun) An idiot who takes his lovable reputation and flushes it down the toilet by acting like a 14 year old, refusing to make decisions and treating orphans like crap. Example: “He could have been the next Bachelor if he wasn't such a Deanhole. (See this Instagram post for a visual to accompany the definition.)


There are certain things we know to be true about the Bachelor Franchise. When he sees them, Matt likes to explain them using formulas. Jeff always checks Matt’s math. (Since neither of them is good at math, there is no way for us to know if they are accurate.) Examples: “Whining About Not Getting a Turn + Not Taking Any Steps to Change Your Situation ÷ 12 Girls Who Don’t Give a Crap = Ya Done!” OR “Insecure Contestant + Unreasonably Confident Contestant ÷ Jealousy = Automatic Two-On-One Date”

“Group Date”

Our 30-45 minute Friday episodes where we spend some time getting to know YOU, our amazing listeners! We read your emails and social media comments and get you ready to head into the weekend. If you want to participate (and why wouldn’t you???), head over to our Contact Page and fill out the form. You could get the rose on our next Group Date and be our Fan of the Week!

“Layer Cake”

Somewhere during Becca’s season, this analogy became used to describe the Bros team of hosts and co-hosts. (Episode 042: “The Complicated Nature of Layer Cake.”) A listener made the analogy in an email and wanted to know what layer of the cake we each thought we were. While Matt, Shara and Stacy went to answers like “frosting” and “filling,” Jeff thought that the listener wanted to know what order we were in the layers and proceeded to inform us how he believed we should be stacked on top of one another. (He got very specific with who went where and which body parts would be touching which.) We’re still not sure what’s wrong with him.


The name of a town in California that is pronounced as it is spelled. Also, the name of a town in Pennsylvania that nobody can seem to agree on the pronunciation of.

“Leg Wrap”

Generally beginning with a running start, female contestants launch themselves through the air and latch onto the front of their intended victim whilst wrapping their legs around their victim’s waist and their arms around their necks. The ladies on these shows love themselves some leg wraps and we love to time those leg wraps.! (We’ve had leg wraps longer than 10 seconds and that’s just ridiculous.) We’ve talked about it so much that we inspired someone to create the Instagram account @legwraphug. (Yeah… we did that.)


Jeff and Shara’s dog who they clearly don’t love as much as Matt and Stacy love Rogue since they have yet to name a single company after her.


The name we use to refer to The Bachelor who dumped Becca Kufrin in Season 22. We got sick of talking about him so we made his real name a bad word that gets bleeped out on the podcast. (NOTE: Just like PG-13 movies get one “F-word,” we now allow one mention of his name unbleeped per episode.) Matt suggested “Ralph” as a replacement name and everyone thought that was stupid. Somehow it stuck. (Episode 037: “So Many Balls.”)

Whenever a co-host of the podcast misses a recording session, they are dead to the rest of us. (Most often used for Jeff. As in, “RIP Jeff.”) Click here for an excellent example.



Matt and Stacy’s French Bulldog and the namesake for Rogue Creative Development (the company that produces and promotes our show).

“Sexy Castle”

Castles can be sexy. That’s all there is to it.

Okay… maybe there’s more. Matt visited Scotland many years ago and his tour guide referred to pretty much everything as sexy and it became a topic of conversation on our show. (Episode 060: “Crazy, Rich Caelynns.”) See also, “Slutty Castle.”


Cities have them. States have them. Even countries have them. Some aren’t convincing (“Fountain Valley: A Nice Place to Live”) while others come across as threats (“Yucca Valley: Come for a Day, Stay for a Lifetime.”) We like to give them to places as well and, shockingly, ours are often less ridiculous than the real thing!

“Slutty Castle”

Jeff took it too far. (Maybe it was Shara. We’re too lazy to go back and check.)


How Jeff and Matt refer to pretty much any sport since they, in fact, do not “sport so hard.”


On every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, a One-on-One Date takes our show lead and a contestant into a theater of some sort where a surprise concert is underway. Many moons ago, the band playing was Train. Now, it’s all country musicians (often from Australia) who nobody’s ever heard of. But, we still pretend it’s Train… every time.


Obviously, we all know what a virgin is. However, there are other types of virgins with more nuanced definitions. Read on!


A “Downtown Virgin” is one who has never had sex but is not a Mouth Virgin. (Many Downtown Virgins gave their word to stop at third.)*


A “Mouth Virgin” has not kissed anyone. The rest of their virginal status is unknown. (Still waiting for their turn at bat… maybe?)*

“Pretty Woman”

A “Pretty Woman Virgin” has had sex but has not kissed anyone. They may or may not have charged for it. (The kind of ridiculousness you see in like tee ball when a five-year-old kid hits the ball and runs straight for 2nd base and you’re like, “What are you doing? That doesn’t make sense!” but they’re like, “Don’t tell me how to live my life!”)*

“Tip to Stern”

A “Tip to Stern Virgin” has neither kissed nor had sex with anyone. (In the dugout.)*

* Given the fact that we know little to nothing about sports, we are only about 74% sure of the accuracy of these analogies. See “Sportsball.”

“Walter Hufflepuff”

The name of Jeff and Shara’s bunny rabbit who occasionally runs through our podcasting sessions. (Though not as much now that they have a dog named “Olive.”) Pretty much the best name for a rabbit ever.