Episode 019 :: The Gong Show! (aka - Awkward Family Therapy)

Recap of The Bachelorette (Season 13, Episode Eight)

All four of us in a room recording together again! It's so wonderful... until it gets super awkward on one of the Home Town Dates!!! Matt and Jeff and Shara and Stacy (when she's awake!) chime in on one of the most awkward moments in Bachelor history and come to realizations like...

- A former Bachelorette contestant (who just went home LAST WEEK!) is one of our Fans of the Week!

- Eric thinks so highly of himself that he gave himself the nickname, "E-Bigger!"

- It's good to explain to people what you mean when you tell them you love them.

- We still don't like Brian.

- Or Eric. (Sorry... that's E-Bigger.)

- Brian's mom is cray-cray!

- Rachel doesn't realize that Brian's mom is serious when she threatens to kill her!

- Peter may have been adopted.

- We visit Dean's dad for no good reason and put him through a horrific experience that doesn't belong on this show.

- Rachel makes the first decision that makes us question whether we like her.

- We're VERY excited for the return of Bachelor in Paradise!

All this and oh so much more on this episode of Bros Before Rose! 

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