Episode 005 :: Alligators & Voodoo & Ghosts... Oh My!!!

Recap of The Bachelor (Season 21, Episode Five)

This week's episode of The Bachelor jumps RIGHT back into the Corinne v. Taylor drama and takes Nick and the girls to New Orleans and down on the bayou for some truly ridiculous moments that only The Bachelor can supply. Matt & Jeff try to make sense of it all and answer questions like...

- Doesn't Taylor have some sort of degree in psychology? Could she not put that to use in this situation?

- Why, for the love of all that is good and right in the world, would Nick send Sarah home??? (We love you, Sarah!)

- Can our listeners help us campaign to get Sarah to come on our show??? (Hint: Yes... yes YOU can!)

- Why is the "Two-On-One" the date Matt looks forward to each season?

- Why don't more sponsors trust Matt & Jeff with their advertisements?

- Have the producers run out of good ideas for group dates? (This was one of the worst!)

- Is Corinne really capable of eating ALL of the room service she ordered???

- Should Corinne ever say "Make America Corinne Again?" (No... she should not!)

- Who will win in the "Green Lantern vs. Deadpool" face-off happening in Nick's soul this season?

- In the annual abandonment of a contestant in a remote location contest, who will be left behind... and will she stay there???

So many questions... so many answers! All this and oh so much more on this episode of Bros Before Rose!


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