Episode 104 :: The Return of the Dean-Hole?

Recap of Bachelor in Paradise (Season 6, Episodes Seven and Eight)

With all the chaos of life this week, we're running a little behind but there's SO MUCH to talk about! We've got people spiraling into insanity, A Very Bachelor Wedding, former lovers reunited, JPJ losing the little grip on reality that he had, heatstroke victims, an overuse of the word "table" in a weird context, hysterical crying and SO much more! Plus, has Dean returned to his Dean-Hole ways? And, where is Stacy this week???

All of this will be addressed and so much more on this episode of Bros Before Rose! 

And, as always, join us on Friday, for our Bros Before Rose: Group Date episode of the week where we focus on all of you... our community! (See, it's like a group date because we're spending time interacting with all of you!) This is where we'll be reading your emails, responding to your social media posts and talking about the Bros community! 

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